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Famous Celebrity Tattoos

Tattoos are more popular than ever in America, and Hollywood is no exception. They may have to cover them up when filming starts, but a surprising number of actors, musicians and other celebrities have well-known tattoos. Check out some of the most famous tattooed stars and their stories.


Some of today’s hottest actresses have multiple tattoos. Kristen Stewart’s body art includes an infinity symbol on her wrist, as well as an image from Picasso’s famous painting Guernica. Scarlett Johansson has a colorful sunset on her arm, a horseshoe and the words “Lucky You” on the side of her chest, and a wrist tattoo paying homage to her hometown of New York. Megan Fox’s ink includes quotes from Shakespeare and Nietzsche, as well as a portrait of Marilyn Monroe, which she removed a few years back. The most tattooed A-list actress, though, is probably Angelina Jolie. Her tattoos number well over a dozen, and include inscriptions in English, Latin, Arabic and Khmer, the geographical coordinates where her biological and adopted children were born, and a foot-long Bengal tiger.


Of course, Jolie’s most famous tattoo might be one that no longer exists. On her left arm, the actress had a picture of a dragon, as well as the name of her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton. She removed the tattoo with laser surgery, and later covered the spot with a different tattoo. Another heavily tattooed star, Johnny Depp, altered the tattoo he got during his relationship with Winona Ryder; his arm now reads “Wino Forever.” Jennifer Lawrence got a tattoo removed for reasons that had nothing to do with a breakup: she wanted H2O, the symbol for water, tattooed on her hand, but the tattoo artist accidentally placed the 2 above the letters, instead of beneath them where it belonged. Also, may celebrities like tattooing lock and key, there is a great post with lock and key tattoos.


Not a lot of actors have tattoos on their faces. This makes sense, because if they did, they (like most people) might struggle to find a job. If you’re a rapper, though, getting a facial tattoo is almost part of the business. Hip-hop stars like Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa have multiple tattoos on their faces. The Game infamously got a butterfly tattooed on his right cheek, though he later covered it up with the letters L.A., and Rick Ross has the words “Rich Forever” tattooed on his chin. (Of course, Ross’ beard means that that one’s not usually visible.) The most perplexing rap face tattoo, though, might just be Gucci Mane’s: the Atlanta MC’s right cheek is completely covered by an ice cream cone pierced by two lightning bolts.


For many celebrities, tattoos are a means of acknowledging their heritage. Movie star and wrestling legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for example, carries on the tradition of his Samoan ancestors with a tattoo covering his left arm, shoulder and chest. Designed by famed Pacific tattoo artist Po’oino Yrandi, the elaborate tattoo features symbols representing Johnson, his wife and his daughter, as well as coconut leaves, the sun, a tortoise shell and other traditional Samoan images. Another actor whose tattoos pay homage to his Pacific heritage is Jason Momoa. The Game of Thrones actor and Hawaiian native has a shark’s tooth design covering his forearm, and so do all of his cousins. Coincidentally, that design might prove appropriate when Momoa stars in the upcoming Aquaman movie.


For many people, tattoos are a way to commemorate important friendships. If you’re an actor, those friendships just may be with your long-time co-stars. The nine actors who played the Fellowship of the Ring in the Lord of the Rings movies got the word “nine” tattooed on themselves – in the Elvish script invented by series author J.R.R. Tolkien. As Walter and Jesse on the AMC series Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul received awards and acclaim. On the last day of shooting, they both got tattoos related to the show. After spending five months in the desert filming Mad Max: Fury Road, several cast members got matching tattoos. One group of actors who didn’t go through with their body art plans were the young stars of the Harry Potter movies: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint discussed getting matching tattoos in the shape of Potter’s famous lighting bolt scar, but ultimately decided against it.

Leaked Celebrity Pictures Scandal

Celebrities all around the world face a big challenge when it comes to privacy. They are constantly under the limelight and the media together with their fans are always thirsting for information on their every move. Some are not very lucky and they constantly find themselves as a hot topic of discussion after certain photos of them doing a thing or two leaked. Of course, for some it is devastating but others just choose to give it a cold shoulder and live like nothing happened. However, this often demands on the magnitude of privacy that was breached.

News of leaked celebrity pictures that have resulted to some sort of scandal is not new. Actually, such news is a great component of the entertainment field. Magazines, TV shows, blogs and social media platforms are a perfect catalyst for the spread of such information.

There are sorts of celebrity pictures that have found their way to the hands of the media. Nude photos are a common spectrum. A number of celebrities which include Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Hayden Panettiere, Amber Heard and Gabrielle Union have been a victim of this. In the above cases, the leaks are believed to be as a result of hacking. Some of them have come out to acknowledge that it is actually them in the pictures and made apologies to their fans. However with some pictures all that remains is rumors and speculations concerning how they got to the public and if they are genuine or callously crafted to destroy the celebrities’ image.

Celebrities are just ordinary humans, and in their day to day lives they may be caught up in situations deemed as inappropriate. There are pictures of them caught up in fights, and other misconducts that are leaked to the public. Remember the alleged fight between Solange Knowles and Jay-Z? The pictures went viral online as everyone tried to get a piece of what the story really was.

Sometimes celebrities are just misinterpreted. Take the case of Obama and his wife Michelle during Mandela’s burial. When Obama takes a aDselfie’ with a couple of European leaders and chats happily with Denmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, he later changes his seat to be next to his wife who appears not to be as jovial. The pictures from this scene go viral the next day and it is rumored that the two are getting a divorced which up to date cannot be proven.

Not all celebrity pictures that are leaked aim at drawing negative publicity. Some are just to put the public and their fans on the know-how. There are cases whereby celebrities choose to hide certain events in their life just for the purpose of confidentiality. For instance, when Jay-Z had his baby with Beyonce, they took some time to release the baby’s pictures. In one way or the other, the pictures of their little girl Blue Ivy managed to reach the public. This was just to satisfy curiosity of what the baby looks like and nothing more. Leaked celebrity pictures scandals are not coming to an end soon. If anything, technology makes it even easier to gain access to their private lives and spread out such data.

Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak

It has come to everyone’s attention that naked pictures of Oscar winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence was leaked online due to the latest massive hacking scandal. The FBI has now opened a case in hopes to catch the hacker that leaked these photos of Lawrence and many other female celebrities.

This complete invasion of privacy appeared September 20th on the infamous sites of 4chan and Reddit. Then shortly after on social media sites such as Twitter and Tumblr. According to Lawrence’s publicist, the authorities have been notified and anyone who uses this stolen photo of Lawrence will be prosecuted. Although, the photos have been removed off both forums, the picture still circulates throughout social media. Other celebrities are also being affected by this same hack including, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Hayden Panettiere, Mark-Kate Olson, and Nickelodeon’s Justice. This incident is also a lot similar to the celebrity hacking of Scarlett Johanson and Mila Kunis back in 2011 where just like Lawrence, nude photos were stolen and leaked. It involved the hacking of the “forgot my password” function on celebrity e-mail accounts. Also, fingers have been pointed towards Apple for their “Find My Phone” app which opened unsecured access to celebrity data stored in the ICIoud database. Apple then confirmed to CNN not long afterwards, that after looking through reports its popular iCIoud’s online data backup service may have been compromised by the hackers. Apple has also confirmed that they are actively investigating the matter and that they take user privacy very seriously.

The hacking of celebrity accounts has started to become more of an issue within the last five years. About two years ago, Christopher Chaney of Florida was sentenced 10 years in federal prison for hacking the email accounts of over fifty entertainment industry figures. According to an FBI spokesperson The FBI is very aware of any allegation pertaining to computer intrusions and the illegal release of information of high profile individuals. They are addressing the matter immediately. Otherwise no further information known of the matter.

This massive hacking scandal of Lawrence and other female celebrities seems to have created an online backlash. Some of these targeted celebrities are decrying these photos as fake while others confirm that they are real. A close friend of singer Ariana Grande says any photo claiming to be her was “completely fake” while Justice is also claiming pictures that are said to be her is “not real”. Some of the other celebrities are also saying the photos were doctored.

In the case of Jennifer Lawrence and others, the nude photos that were leaked have definitely been confirmed by Kate Upton’s lawyer. Calling this incident an “outrageous violation” of privacy. Attorney Lawrence Shire states that they intend to go after anyone disseminating or duplicating these pictures to the fullest extent possible. In conclusion, FBI and Apple remain under investigation of the issue. Everyone involved are taking immediate action in making sure these photos aren’t continuing to be shared. This goes to show how real hacking crimes are, and how we need to start being more aware when it comes to sharing information on the web. If something doesn’t feel right, then most likely it isn’t.

A Critical Look Into The Paris Hilton Sex Tape Scandal

In 2004, just before the debut of Paris Hilton’s simple life show and series, she was catapulted into fame of a new kind with the release on I night in Paris, a pornographic sex tape featuring Paris Hilton and her then boyfriend Rick Salomon. The sex tape is one of the longest, and one which created a new pathway towards celebrity. It seems that after the scandalous sex tape broke out, want to be celebrities began releasing their own sex tapes in an attempt to get as much media attention as Hilton. However, these attempts have failed miserably. The Paris Hilton sex tape continues to be one of the most popular tapes of our times.

The tape has gone on to win awards from various accolades including the highest renting video and best selling title of the year. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that Salomon unlike many celebrity exes waited and plotted his revenge in the form of the release. The tape was actually filmed in 2001 but was not released until 2004. Salomon did not go for the quick back, releasing a poorly featured video but rather timed the release perfectly and ensured that the tape was at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

The content of the Paris Hilton tape itself is quite explicit unlike many of the newest celebrity tapes. It includes a wide variety of various sexual activities. From oral sex all the way complete orgasms, the tape has it all. This is the marketing feature of the Paris Hilton sex tape. It is also perhaps the one reason why the Paris Hilton Sex Tape Scandal has outlived and outshone all other sex scandals. It shows the tycoon heiress at her most vulnerable, in moments that were designed for privacy. That what Paris says about “paris hilton sex tape” scandal now “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully trust any man again after that. It was just the most hurtful and awful thing that anyone could do to a little girl. I was very young, it wasn’t my fault.

The extreme pornographic nature of the tape itself catapulted it to popularity hours after the release.The Paris Hilton Sex Tape Scandal taught celebrities that nothing indeed is private. Where two people are concerned, according to various celebrities including Rob Lowe who also faced a sex tape scandal; it is best to not film anything. However, of course there are those who chose to not learn. There have been several sex tape scandals after Hilton’s sex tape. Sex tape scandals have become too many now, that it is no longer surprising or scandalous for celebrities to be caught in compromising position. Famous to follow in her footsteps was Kim Kardashian whose resulting fame is almost fully attributed to a sex tape.

The Paris Hilton Sex Tape Scandal seems to be the one sex scandal that actually embarrassed the star of the movie. Though the ex-boyfriend went on to make a fortune from the release of the tape, Hilton has been quoted stating that she has never seen a dime from the movie and would rather just forget about it. Hilton acknowledges that the stench of the scandal is not likely to leave her any time soon. Although they sued and counter sued each other, finally settling out of court; only Salomon seems to have benefited proudly from the sex tape.

Celebrities and Sexual Scandals

Celebrity sex scandals are certainly nothing new. Scandalous revelations about famous folk have piqued the interest of fans since the earliest days and nights of Hollywood. The introduction of the VCR in the 1970s only provided misbehaving celebrities a new medium with which to embarrass themselves. Celebrity sex tape scandals can be titillating, but there’s more to shocking behavior by notable personalities than that.

Notable Hollywood Sex Scandals

Ever heard of Fatty Arbuckle? He was a jumbo-sized silent movie funny man who happened to be the highest-paid comedic actor of his day. That all came to a screeching halt when a young woman he was partying with wound up dead from a burst bladder four days later. The newspapers had a field day with Fatty, accusing him of everything from violating aspiring actress Virginia Rappe with a champagne bottle to crushing her to the point of near-death with his massive girth. Roscoe Arbuckle was acquitted of wrongdoing, but the scandal totally tanked his career.

Remember when the tabloids were abuzz with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie during the filming of the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith? Scandalous news in the 1990s, but nothing compared to the Hollywood scandal surrounding actress Ingrid Bergman back in the 1940s. Typecast as the eternal good girl, Ingrid accepted a part in a film by Italian director Roberto Rossellini. Rumor has it that Roberto boasted to his pals that he could have the very-married Miss Bergman in his bed within two weeks. Did it happen? Ingrid gave birth nine months later and named the infant boy Renato Roberto Giuseppe Rosselini. Moviegoers around the world were taken aback, to say the least. Many picketed outside theaters where her movies were shown.

Political Sexual Scandals of Note

Politicians, like movie stars, have a lot of female fans. If you think Bill Clinton was the first president to be involved in a notorious sex scandal, think again. Maybe you know what was on Monica’s blue dress, but do you know who’s on the US $1000 bill? It’s Grover Cleveland. Grover was the 22nd President of the United States, and he may have been a sexual philanderer, as well. Prior to his first successful bid for the White House, Grover did not deny fathering a child with a woman to whom he was not married. The most scandalous part of the story is the fact that Cleveland had the young unmarried mother committed to an insane asylum while the child was put into an orphanage.

Celebrity Sex Tape Scandals You May Have Missed

If you are of a certain age or spent your youth watching Nickelodeon, you probably know who Bob Crane was. Star of the arguably unfunny Hogan’s Heroes, Crane had some kinky appetites, and he enjoyed secretly filming his sexual conquests. Perhaps the most scandalous aspect of his proclivity for video taped escapades is the fact that he was eventually bashed to death with his own camera tripod.

Whether or not you enjoy the vicarious thrill of celebrity sex tapes, understand that exposed Hollywood secrets are truly nothing new.

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Scandal

Kim Kardashian sex tape scandal certainly played the biggest role in catapulting her rise to Hollywood mega-stardom. There is no doubt that her life to greater extent, has been covered by scandals, from her father Robert Kardashian, being the main defense lawyer for controversial former football celebrity O.J. Simpson, to eloping with music producer Damon Thomas at a young age of 19. However, it was this sex tape scandal that created the entire buzz; thus confirming Kim’s celebrity status even before their Kardashian family reality show began.February 2007 was the beginning of Kim’s sex tape scandal.

This was after a home produced sex tape that was made in 2003 by Kim Kardashian and her then boyfriend rapper Ray J was leaked. Even though Kim was well known in many Hollywood circles through her well connected family, it was this enormously controversial sex tape that really gave the platform of being known by the public. For those who are avid fans of Kim Kardashian, it may be hard to contemplate that she was virtually unknown before this iniquitous tape was leaked. Perhaps, without the controversial sex tape, Kim would still be a little known star. This maybe authenticated by the divisive, but true timing of the release.

The sex tape was leaked six months before the show. Keeping up with the Kardashians, premiered on television channels. It caught the public attention, subsequently creating the buzz that followed the reality show. Even though Kim practically and vehemently denied any role in the release of the sex tape, rumors that she had a hand in its release to garner publicity refuses to fade, years after it was leaked. However, there maybe some truth in her passionate denials. Immediately after the release of the tape by Vivid Entertainment, which bought the rights of releasing it, Kim sued the company for ownership of the video in a case, which she later dropped after a settlement of $5 million was agreed upon.

lt is almost a decade since the Kim Kardashian sex tape scandal began, nonetheless it cannot be denied that it remains one huge thorn in an otherwise successful career and life. Kim has since been a household name, a hugely successful television star, fashion designer and an enviable businesswoman. Nevertheless, the controversial sex tape still haunts her to date. Critics and rivals alike uses the scandal in degrading her celebrity and public status. Many of them do feel that Kim has not worked hard enough in her career to justify her massive following, but is only riding on the wave of an infamous sex tape.

One such instance came to the fold when Kim Kardashian had a public feud with Adrienne Bailon. Bailon subsequently stated on one Instagram post that Kim was only famous for sex tape and had not done anything tangible in her career.From a personal point of view, it is undeniably true that the sex tape scandal did cause Kim enormous favor and embarrassment in egual measures. Having to deal with the embarrassment and public scrutiny that come with such an infamous sex tape scandal maybe demeaning and stressful. However, Kim effectively bounced back from the scandal, and instead used it to propel her career even further becoming the face of a massively successful empire.