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Is another broken egg coming to Pensacola?

If you're searching for the best brunch in Pensacola, look no further. Our Pensacola, FL cafe is located in downtown near the corner of 13th Avenue and Gregory Street offering dine-in and online ordering for to-go, delivery and a full catering menu.

How many Another Broken Egg locations are there?

Known for its chef-inspired dishes with an artisanal flair that are "craveably" delicious, and mixologist-hosted full bars serving today's trending tastes, Another Broken Egg Café has more than 80 locations open across 15 states, and nearly 20 restaurants currently in development.

What was the first another broken egg called?

The first location was officially opened in Mandeville, LA in 1996 under the name The Broken Egg Cafe. It took Ron, who was always a bit of a perfectionist, nearly two years to get the menu and restaurant experience to his liking.

How long has another broken egg been around?


It all started in 1996 in a quaint, turn of the century summer home on the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain in Old Mandeville, Louisiana.

How much are eggs in Pensacola?

Food is the most important necessity and its cost varies around the country. This section includes the prices of everyday foods such as produce, meat and dairy. A bottle of milk costs about $3.38 in Pensacola, a dozen eggs go for around $3.41 and a pound of potatoes circles around $4.82.

Is a broken egg a cracked egg adopt me?

The Broken Egg is not the same as the Cracked Egg, despite their similar appearances in a player's inventory, as the Cracked Egg can hatch into a pet whereas the Broken Egg, as a food item, cannot. This egg is somewhat similar to the Patterns Egg, Stars Egg, and Stripes Egg, coming from the same event.

What states is another broken egg in?

The rarest chicken egg is often considered to be the "extra-extra large" egg laid by the ostrich. These eggs can weigh up to 3 pounds and are much larger than the average chicken egg.

What is the rarest egg?

Grits with cheese and topped with baked bacon, green onions and tomatoes.

What are city grits?

First opened in Mandeville, Louisiana, in 1996, the company was owned and operated by founder Ron Green. The franchise was originally called Broken Egg Café, but when Green opened a second location and called it Another Broken Egg Café, the name stuck.

How did another broken egg get its name?

People have been eating eggs for a very long time— about six million years! The first people to eat eggs took them from nests in the wild and ate the eggs raw. There is no way to know who ate the first egg. What researchers do know is people living in Egypt and China were the first to keep hens.

Who tried the first egg?

Over hard or over well. Cooked on both sides all the way through, with the yolk broken (immediately after the egg is cracked). Sunny-side up. Cooked on one side only, until the egg white is set, but the yolk remains liquid.

What is a fried egg with a broken yolk called?

Another Broken Egg CEO Rethinks Breakfast to Drive Growth | November | CEO Paul Macaluso says he's learned over his career the importance of tapping into ideas from franchisees.

Who is the CEO of Another Broken Egg?

What Royal Cup Coffee or Tea do you serve at Another Broken Egg? We proudly serve our own custom house blend of HC Valentine along with HC Valentine's espresso and in most locations HC Valentine Cold Brew!

What kind of coffee does another broken egg use?

Several types of thousand-year-old Chinese eggs include Pidan, Dsaudan, and Hulidan. To learn more about these, go to Shell Eggs from Farm to Table.