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What is eggs real name in Boxtrolls?

Isaac Hempstead Wright as Eggs Trubshaw, an orphaned 11-year-old human boy raised by the Boxtrolls, the adoptive son of Fish. Elle Fanning as Winifred "Winnie" Portley-Rind, Eggs's first human friend and the 10-year-old daughter of Lord and Lady Portley-Rind.

Why did the boxtrolls take eggs?

Fish also tells how they once befriended a human inventor, who happened to be Eggs' father. The Boxtrolls and the inventor shared their knowledge, until one day, Snatcher came to see the father. A scuffle ensued, in which Eggs as a baby, was then given to the Boxtrolls, and told to take him away.

How old was eggs in the boxtrolls?

The Boxtrolls are ugly, tunnel-dwelling, box-wearing trolls who live deep beneath the Victorian town of Cheesebridge — and they're also the stars of the new stop-motion animated film "The Boxtrolls." Eggs (voiced by Isaac Hempstead Wright) is a feral 11-year-old boy who has been raised underground by Boxtrolls.

Will there be a Boxtrolls 2?

The Boxtrolls 2: Archibald's Revenge is an American stop-motion animated film produced by Laika and distributed by Focus Features.

Is Boxtrolls ok for kids?

The Boxtrolls is a quirky and spooky animated movie about the problems of trying to fit in and be something that you're not. The movie is ideal for children over nine years. Because of the movie's themes and its scary elements, we recommend parental guidance for younger children.

Is The Boxtrolls scary?

Parents need to know that while The Boxtrolls isn't quite as supernaturally creepy as the filmmakers' previous movies, Coraline and ParaNorman, it still has a lot of peril, tense moments, and a very unpleasant villain.

How tall are Boxtrolls?

Some puppets have "stunt legs" to perform action sequences. Snatcher is among the tallest puppet stars. Eggs stands at about 9 ½ inches, Knight said, while the boxtrolls are 3 to 4 inches high. Their faces are their most high-tech feature.

Was Boxtrolls good?

The Boxtrolls movie stands on its own as an excellent story wrapped in visuals that pay homage to the craft of stop motion animation. It's funny, clever, gross, a bit cheeky, and a bit dark. Everything kids and many adults who accompany them or with others in the age group will enjoy.

Are there girl Boxtrolls?

BOTTOM LINE: The only female presence is the daughter of a male authority figure who's only present in the story because of her father's position. Unless we also count the male villain who frequently employs a drag disguise. Even the fantastical boxtrolls all read as male.

Why do The Boxtrolls wear boxes?

Eggs is an orphaned boy left in the care of one boxtroll named Fish. When a boxtroll is born, they are given a box to wear and use for camouflage for their whole life. Whatever the picture is on the front becomes their name. For instance, the main character, Eggs, has the word “Eggs” written on the front of his box.

What does box troll mean?

The Boxtrolls, loosely based on Alan Snow's 2005 story Here Be Monsters, introduces us to Eggs, a boy raised by subterranean trolls known for wearing boxes—hence their name, Boxtrolls. The Boxtrolls live in the catacombs beneath the 19th-century, steampunk-style city of Cheesebridge.

Is Boxtrolls stop animation?

When this season's Annie Award nominations for animation were announced, it was The Boxtrolls — the latest stop-motion animated feature from Portland, Ore. -based studio Laika and distributor Focus Features — that earned the most, 13, including best animated feature.

Was Boxtrolls a flop?

Both Paranorman and The Boxtrolls had around $60 million budgets and both grossed around $110 million worldwide. That doesn't seem to be too much of a failure. Coraline had about the same budget and ended up grossing a bit more. None of these are blockbusters, mind you, but neither are they box office bombs.

Did Boxtrolls use CGI?

Given the fact that LAIKA studios has been a stop motion studio for a very longtime now having once been Will Vinton Studios and having it's history going all the way back to the 1970's, You might be shocked to find out that a large portion of the Box Trolls film was CGI.