Pique Net Worth

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Who is more rich Shakira or Pique?

Who is richer Shakira or her ex Pique? Shakira's former partner, soccer star Gerard Pique, is worth $80 million, according to The Evening Standard. (She's worth more, BTW.)

What is the net worth of Pique?

Gerard Piqué is recognized as one of the prominent figures in modern football, both for his on-field achievements and his contributions off the pitch, therefore it is not surprising to learn that his net worth in 2021 was estimated at a cool $80 million.

Is Pique family rich?

Gerard Pique's business ventures have been well-documented, having founded an investment group, purchasing FC Andorra and owning a new football league in Barcelona called the Kings League. He was also born into a wealthy Catalan family, as his grandfather Amador Bernabeu is a former vice-president of Barcelona.

How rich is Shakira?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shakira's net worth in 2024 is estimated at a cool $300 million.

Why is Pique so rich?

Gerard Pique has been able to accumulate considerable wealth throughout his successful football career. His earnings have been primarily derived from his lucrative contracts and substantial salary as a professional football player.

Why is Sofia Vergara so wealthy?

Sofia's acting success translated into prominent roles in major films, further boosting her bank account. But Sofia's wealth isn't limited to acting; she's a savvy entrepreneur as well. With her own clothing line at Kmart, a jewelry collection, and perfumes, she has established a diverse retail empire.

How much is Messi worth?

Messi is the second highest-paid athlete in the world as of 2023, and has earned an estimated $1.15 billion in his career so far, according to Forbes. Messi owns a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, holds lucrative brand partnerships, and even owns a hotel chain.

How rich is Luis Suarez?

Luis Suarez had an approximate net worth of $70 Million in 2022 according to Celebrity Net Worth. The net worth of Suarez has seen a hike over the past few years. His tremendous performances and increasing popularity have majorly contributed to a hike in his net worth. Suarez resides in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Does Pique own a club?

Piqué is the owner of Spanish second division football club FC Andorra, which he bought in December 2018 through his firm Kosmos Holding.

Do Barcelona owe Pique money?

But the club still owe around €120m in wages to Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets and Frenkie de Jong, despite the trio taking salary cuts and deferring parts of their payment.

Who is the lover of Pique?

Her work has previously appeared in Just Jared and Buzzfeed. Gerard Piqué has made things official with his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti.

How much does Pique earn in a year?

Taylor Swift is worth an estimated $1bn dollars (£792m) and her cats aren't doing too poorly, either: According to Cats.com, Swift's cat, named Olivia Benson, after Mariska Hargitay's Law and Order: SVU character, is worth an estimated $97m (£77m).

Who is the richest singer?

I've covered TV, music and pop culture for over 6 years. Taylor Swift is now a billionaire and is estimated to be worth $1.1 billion, according to Forbes. But what distinguishes the 33-year-old singer-songwriter from other wealthy artists is how she accumulated her billion-dollar fortune.

How rich is Taylor Swift?

As of 2023, Forbes estimates his net worth at a cool $500 million, making him one of the wealthiest athletes in the world. Your Highsnobiety privacy settings have blocked this Instagram post.

Is Taylor Swift a billionaire?

In the world of sports, Lionel Messi is not just a name; he is a brand, a football legend whose prowess on the field is matched only by his financial success off it, reported by caknowledge. In 2023, Messi's net worth is a staggering $620 million, securing his place as the third-highest-paid athlete globally.

What is Ronaldo net worth 2023?

Without a doubt, Shakira has way higher net worth than her ex-partner Gerard Piqué. In fact, the pop star is reportedly willing to pay a part of the Barcelona defender and former beau's debt of $2.5 million to keep custody of their children.

What is Messi net worth 2023?

Jodie Comer's net worth is estimated to be $6 million. Her wealth comes from her acting career, brand endorsements, and investments. Comer has gained recognition and success in the entertainment industry. She continues to secure exciting roles and projects.

Is Shakira worth more than her husband?

In fact, in a given year, Klum earns $40 million from her empire which includes television production, hosting, endorsements, and licensing deals. Klum's modeling career was incredibly successful, making her a household name in the fashion industry.

Is Jodie Comer rich?

Selena Gomez's net worth in 2024 is estimated at $800 million. This is astronomically more than the $95 million she was worth in 2022, and due largely to the success of Gomez's makeup line Rare Beauty, which she launched in 2020.

How is Heidi Klum so rich?

Per Forbes, Ronaldo became the first professional athlete ever to surpass the billion-dollar threshold just in career earnings in 2020, as his net worth is around $500 million according to some estimations that include wages, endorsement deals, real estate, and advertisements.

How much is Selena Gomez worth?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid footballer in the world in 2023, earning more than the likes of Lionel Messi and Neymar during the past 12 months, according to Forbes.

How rich is cr7?

Between $120m and $180m

Mbappe is now 25 years old and after becoming Monaco's youngest-ever first-team player, aged 16 years and 347 days, he has since gone on to earn an awful lot of money since then. No doubt, his £166m move to PSG would have dramatically increased his bank balance in 2017.

Is Messi richer than Ronaldo?

The head of the $6 billion Mansour family empire was once penniless. Now he's on top of the world.

How rich is Kylian Mbappe?

Although Ronaldinho has retired from football, he has made good money since 2002 when he played in the World Cup for Brazil and also through his professional club football career. Ronaldinho's Net Worth is estimated to be $90 million in 2022 according to Celebrity Net Worth.