What is the 1176 good for?

What is the 1176 good for? What is the 1176 good for?, What is the 1176 compressor best for?, What is special about 1176?, Can you use an 1176 for mastering?, What does BL 1176 do?, Which 1176 is best for vocals?

What is the 1176 good for?

if you are talking about the original Urei 1176, what makes it a great tool for sound shaping are its tone and its compression action. it is really pretty simple. the reissues and clones are not the same, although the Mohog 76 is really good.

What is the 1176 compressor best for?

if you are talking about the original Urei 1176, what makes it a great tool for sound shaping are its tone and its compression action. it is really pretty simple. the reissues and clones are not the same, although the Mohog 76 is really good.

What is special about 1176?

This setting is especially useful on bass, where compression and distortion might be needed at the same time, and the 1176 can provide both in a unique way. This trick also sounds great on screaming lead vocals.

Can you use an 1176 for mastering?

One of most popular features of the 1176 is its ability to vary its release time based on program material. After a transient, it releases quickly to avoid level drops, but if there is a continued state of heavy compression, the 1176 will exhibit a longer release to reduce pumping.

What does BL 1176 do?

It's possible. I've heard of them occasionally being used that way in the old days.... But, I can't imagine anyone being thrilled with the results (at least I certainly haven't been).

Which 1176 is best for vocals?

The 1176 will faithfully compress or limit at the selected ratio for transients, but the ratio will always increase a bit after the transient. To what degree is once again material dependent. This is true for any of the 1176's ratio settings, and is part of the 1176's sound.

Is the 1176 a limiter or compressor?

I prefer the UAD 1176 AE (black with the blue stripe) for vocals. 2:1 ratio and a “slow” attack time (still fast, it's an 1176) can get some really nice results. The Rev D (black) 1176 sounds cleaner and more neutral, whereas the Rev A (blue stripe) 1176 sounds more saturated and has a more pronounced midrange boost.

Which way is fast on 1176?

The 1176 Peak Limiter is a dynamic range compressor designed by the American engineer Bill Putnam and introduced by UREI in 1967. Derived from the 175 and 176 tube compressors, it marked the transition from vacuum tubes to solid-state technology.

Is 1176 a FET compressor?

On the 1176 compressor, the Attack and Release knobs work backward from normal, he explains. Instead of fast to the left and slow to the right like most compressors, it's the opposite. The slowest setting is at 7 o'clock and the fastest at 5 o'clock.

What is the difference between 1176 black and blue?

FET Compressors use a Field Effect Transistor. Like the VCA, FET compressors can achieve very fast attack and release times. FET compressors also tend to colour the signal somewhat due to the FETs non-linear transfer function (White 2000). The 1176 and the Empirical Labs Distressor are both examples of FET compressors.

What is too loud for mastering?

The blue strip is smooth and clear but at times a bit noisy and the black face's are a bit more agressive in the mid range. Take all these comments with a grain of salt since most black face 1176's haven't been recapped and each one sounds different now days.

How do you use 1176 and la2a together?

So, the answer is, that you can master your music to -14 LUFS or louder, up to -7 LUFS. It's not a great idea, though, to master quieter than -14 LUFS.

What dB level for mastering?

The most common combination is to put the 1176 first and set it up as a peak limiter. To do this, set a high compression ratio, like 12:1, and a fairly fast attack and release. The point here is to just flatten the higher peaks.

How do I set my 1176 for vocals?

I would recommend mastering your track to -0.5dbTP for Soundcloud to minimize the artifacts that WILL happen when your track gets transcoded to MP3. Regarding loudness, A good setting would be from -9 to -13 LUFS with the dynamic range reading on LEVELS not exceeding 8DR.

Is 1176 FET or VCA?

You can use the 1176 settings as pictured above or use them as a starting point and dial in the exact amount of compression your vocal track will need. The slowest setting is at 7 o'clock and the fastest at 5 o'clock. Many engineers set the attack at 10 o'clock and the release at 2 o'clock.

Who made the original 1176?

But know this: The designation between FET and VCA matters, because of the one of the most famous, widely used compressors of all time is an FET compressor—the previously mentioned UREI 1176. FET compressors like the 1176 are capable of exceedingly fast attack times, though not without color.

Is 1176 good on drums?

The Universal Audio 1176 Compressor/Limiter was first introduced in 1967, created by Bill Putnam Sr. as the solid state successor to his tube-based 176 limiting amplifier.

Is 1176 good for guitar?

And while the 1176 is capable of compressing signals with minimal distortion, heavy amounts of gain reduction result in significant saturation, which is perfect for fattening up drum tracks.

What is all buttons in 1176?

From expressively overdriven bass tracks to ferocious-sounding guitars, the 1176 imparts so much sonic charisma to an audio production that it often becomes an instrument in itself—no less a vibe energizer than a soaring string section, percussion barrage, organ and piano counterpoint lines or horn punctuations.

Is 1176 hard or soft knee?

Universal Audio. Our first installment of Compression Obsession will focus on the 1176's famous insider's trick, "All-Button Mode." If this term is unfamiliar, you may know this as "British Mode”. It is when you push in ALL of the ratio buttons simultaneously on your 1176 (don't worry, this won't hurt the unit).

Does the 1176 have a preamp?

The LA-2A is frequency dependent soft knee, and the 1176LN is hard knee at 20:1 ratio and “semi-soft” at other ratios.

Is Universal Audio 1176 mono or stereo?

In January of 1970, low noise circuitry was added to the preamp stage of the 1176, thus changing the name to the 1176LN. A trim pot was also added to the feedback circuit of the audio FET to help with minimizing distortion.

What is FET compressor?

The 2-1176 provides a true stereo version of the 1176LN—one which retains all the features and trademark sound of its ancestor, but with fully matched components.

Does BandLab have a compressor?

Field effect transistors, also known as FET, are a type of dynamic audio effect. FET compressors are devices from the family of dynamic audio effects. Their design maintains more transients, which adds an extra punch in contrast to the variable.

What is the difference between 1176LN and 1176SE?

As for compressors, BandLab offers a diverse range of Dynamics processors, including utilitarian units like the DIGI Comp and emulations of renowned hardware compressors like the BL 1176.

Is 1176 a angel number?

The 1176SE behavior is practically identical to the 1176LN. Its sound is nearly identical too, but certain compromises had to be made in order to squeeze the extra DSP performance that the 1176SE provides. At nominal settings the sonic difference is negligible.

Why use a FET compressor?

Angel number 1176 is a powerful and potent number that holds the potential to manifest your dreams. In numerology, angel numbers are considered divine signs and messages from higher powers, such as angels, the universe, or a supreme being.

What is the difference between CLA 76 Bluey and Blackey?

If you want aggression and excitement, reach for a FET. They're also super fast, meaning they'll clamp down on transients hard. This makes them great for drums, vocals, guitars, or anything that needs a little oomph. They're also great for parallel compression for when you want to balance aggression with dynamics.

Is 10 LUFS too loud?

When comparing the Bluey and Blacky editions of the CLA-76, the former has a more aggressive sound as it compresses more and seems to have a slightly faster release. The only observation that can be made with certainty is that the UAD 1176LN and CLA-76 Bluey/Blacky have a very different sound in all-button mode.

Is 9 LUFS too loud?

At present, Spotify states that songs louder than -14 LUFS integrated should peak no higher than -2 dBTP. Personally, however, I've found that if you're mastering so that your short-term loudness is no louder than -10 LUFS at the loudest parts of a song, then -1 dBTP is adequate.

What is a good LUFS level?

Lots of online articles suggest to aim for -14LUFS when submitting tracks to streaming; however, if you've ever aimed that low, you know that your song is noticeably quieter than the rest of the songs on streaming platforms. That's why we suggest -9 LUFS. Maybe even as loud as -8LUFS.