Olive egger eggs

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What color eggs do Olive Eggers lay?

The phrase “Olive Egger” refers to a chicken that lays green colored eggs. This can be achieved by combining two breeds of chickens, one that carries a blue egg laying gene, and another that carries a brown egg laying gene. Put those two together and ta da you have beautiful green eggs!

Can you eat olive Egger eggs?

Olive Eggers are so cute with their little puffed out cheeks and their feathers are super soft. The main reason people buy Olive Eggers is of course for their beautiful olive eggs! These eggs bring a depth to our egg basket and I'm not sad about it.

Are olive eggs rare?

Hens called olive eggers lay olive green colored eggs. Green is one of the rarest egg colors of all and green eggs may come in a variety of shades. So how exactly do you get a green egg? Breeds that lay green eggs are created by crossbreeding.

What do olive eggs taste like?

I have a farm flock of chickens and among the colors I get blue, green, olive, white, tan, an almost pinkish tan, brown and dark brown. I have both large fowl and bantams. Once the eggs are out of the shell and cooked there is no difference in the taste.

Do Olive Eggers lay pink eggs?

Some of the most popular crosses are called Easter Egger or Olive Egger chickens. Easter Eggers can lay a variety of egg colors, from blue to green and sometimes even pink. Olive Eggers are aptly named for the olive-colored eggs they lay and are a result of crossing brown egg layers with blue egg layers.

Do all Olive Eggers lay green eggs?

It's important to note that not all Olive Eggers will lay the exact same shade of green, as the color can vary depending on the specific genetics inherited from their parent breeds. My Pet Chicken offer these Olive Egger chickens for sale.

At what age do Olive Eggers start laying eggs?

Olive Eggers

This breeding combination produced predominantly blue hens that were strikingly similar to the blue Ameraucanas except they had yellow in their legs and disproportionate pea combs. At just 5 months of age these girls begin to lay their first eggs.

What chicken lays pink eggs?

Light Sussex, Mottled Javas, Australorps, Buff Orpingtons, Silkies, and Faverolles all lay a pinkish-cream egg. As noted above, some Easter Eggers will also lay cream or pink eggs, while others will lay green or bluish eggs.

Do Olive Eggers eggs change color?

But one thing to keep in mind, the color eggs one chicken lays will stay that same color throughout her lifetime. Their egg colors don't change. I have one that lays these beautiful speckled, olive colored eggs. It's super fun when your Easter Eggers start laying to see which colors you'll end up with!

What is the rarest egg?

The rarest chicken egg is often considered to be the "extra-extra large" egg laid by the ostrich. These eggs can weigh up to 3 pounds and are much larger than the average chicken egg.

What is the rarest egg you can eat?

Guinea fowl eggs are rare because these birds only lay about 60 eggs each year. Because of its rarity, a guinea fowl egg is a tasty treat in certain parts of the world. A guinea hen egg has a thick shell that's the color of oatmeal with speckles of brown.

What is the rarest color egg?

When it comes to the different eggshell colors available, green eggs are perhaps the rarest. Only a few breeds lay green eggs, and many of them are newer to the chicken world as they're crosses between top egg layers, like Leghorns and Ameraucanas.

Can olive Eggers be black?

Olive Egger chickens can come in various colors like black or gray, depending on what color their parents are, and they can inherit both the feathered feet of the Marans breed and beard and cheek puffs of the Ameraucana breed.

What is the tastiest egg?

So the results were clear: For the best tasting eggs, go for pastured chickens. Barring those, choose whichever eggs have the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Where flavor is concerned, it doesn't matter if the eggs are organic, cage free, or from a cage battery.

Why do Japanese eggs taste better?

It all depends on what the chickens eat as to what their eggs taste like. American egg producers tend to feed a cheap protein lite corn heavy feed. Japanese producers tend to use a feed that is higher in protein both from meal worm and/or fish offal and use a lot of rice bran.

Are Olive Eggers sexed?

Olive Egger chicks are sold sexed, as pullets. If you are looking to add a special splash of color to your egg basket, Olive Eggers are for you!