Austin Butler Net Worth

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How much money did Austin Butler make for Elvis?

Austin Butler earned $700,000 for his role in the biographical film "Elvis." Butler's earnings were the second-highest in the cast of "Elvis." Butler's performance as Elvis Presley earned him critical acclaim and various award nominations.

How much money did Elvis make?

His net worth at the time of his death in 1977 was $20 million, but his total career earnings are estimated to be around $100 million. Elvis achieved incredible financial success through his record-breaking album sales, high-earning performances, and numerous chart-topping hits.

How much was Elvis worth when he died?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the King of Rock n' Roll was worth an estimated $5 million at the time of his death in August 1977. Adjusting for inflation, Elvis Presley's net worth when he died would round out to around $20 million by today's standards.

What car does Austin Butler drive?

Meanwhile, Sportskeeda reports that Tom Hanks made $8 million (more than 11 times what Butler earned) for his performance as Colonel Tom Parker in the movie. Despite Hanks' significant earnings, Butler's $700,000 is still rumored to be the second-highest salary in the cast of Elvis.

How much did Tom Hanks get paid for Elvis?

A. Tom Hanks earned $8 million for his role as Colonel Tom Parker in the film Elvis.

How much did Tom Hanks get for Elvis movie?

Video below: Lisa Marie Presley obit

"Riley is a sophisticated, 33-year-old woman who is more than capable of running the estate smoothly," the second close friend of Lisa Marie Presley told CNN. In 2020, a Presley executive told Rolling Stone that the estate was worth between $400 and $500 million.

How much is Lisa Marie Presley worth?

What was Lisa Marie Presley's net worth when she died? Somewhat shockingly, Lisa Marie Presley's net worth in 2023 was estimated to be $-16 million. Lisa Marie sold an 85% stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises to CKX, the same company that owned American Idol, in 2005, but the business venture failed.

Why is Lisa Marie Presley's net worth?

It was a commercial success, grossing over $288 million worldwide against an $85 million budget.

Did Elvis movie make a profit?

As of 2020, the Graceland estate, both mansion and property, was estimated to be worth between $400 - $500 million. Graceland still earns about $10 million annually in a typical year.

What is Graceland worth today?

Elvis' only daughter was valued at about -$10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and it has a lot to do with her father's $100 million fortune she inherited at the time of his death. According to Lisa, she ran into financial troubles when she trusted her former business manager Barry Siegel with her cash.

How much was Lisa Marie worth when she died?

Graceland's revenue is up almost 40% as people visit for longer stays, said Joel Weinshanker, managing partner and majority owner of Elvis Presley Enterprises, which runs Graceland. “There are more things for them to do, more concerts, more conventions,” he said in an interview. “But we keep on adding attractions.

Is Graceland still making money?

Vanessa has been acting since she was a kid, became mega-famous thanks to High School Musical, is the star of her own Netflix franchise, is basically the unofficial mascot of Coachella, does a ton of Instagram sponcon, and has made some very savvy real estate investments.

How does Vanessa Hudgens make money?

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How old is Austin Butler?

Tom Cruise has an estimated net worth of $600 million as of 2023, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Who owns Austin cars now?

Common Questions about Tom Hanks' Wealth (2023): 1. Is Tom Hanks a billionaire? No, as of 2023, Tom Hanks' net worth is estimated to be $450 million, but he is not a billionaire.

What is Tom Cruise's net worth?

According to EW, Butler's voice is behind every song you hear from Elvis's early life. When Elvis moves to the later periods of the artist's career, Luhrmann opted to blend Butler and Elvis's voices together.

Is Tom Hanks a billionaire?

Before the public was allowed in, funeral Director Robert Kendall later recounted that Lisa had approached the coffin but never raised her eyes to look inside. Apparently, she had said: "Mister Kendall, can I give this to my daddy?" She held out her hand and showed a thin metal bangle, a bracelet.

Did Austin Butler sing for Elvis?

The Los Angeles Times noted he commanded $1 million per movie role, and he made a staggering 31 movies between 1956 and 1969, including Love Me Tender, Jailhouse Rock and Blue Hawaii. In other words, he racked up multiple millions of dollars thanks to the silver screen.

Was Lisa Marie at Elvis funeral?

How Tall Is Austin Butler Compared to Elvis? Like Elvis, Butler is six feet tall. And Olivia DeJonge is 5'3", making their seven-inch height difference closer to Elvis and Priscilla's actual one. And as a sweet nod to Elvis's footwear of choice, Butler wore heeled boots to the Oscars this spring, per Harper's Bazaar.

How much did Elvis get paid for each movie?

Upon Elvis' death in August 1977, the only beneficiaries in his will were his father Vernon, grandmother Minnie and his then-9-year-old daughter. By 1980, Vernon and Minnie had both died, making Lisa Marie the sole heir to Elvis' estate.

How tall is Austin Butler vs Elvis?

After an extended legal dispute, actress Riley Keough is the new owner of Graceland. In a court ruling from Friday, August 4, a Los Angeles judge named Keough the sole trustee of her mother Lisa Marie Presley's estate, which includes the iconic Memphis property.

Who gets Elvis Presley's money now?

All about Elvis Presley's legendary Memphis home, and its staggering worth today. Share this: Now that Riley Keough's months-long legal battle over her late mom Lisa Marie Presley's estate with grandmother Priscilla Presley is settled, she is now the sole owner of Graceland.

Who owns Graceland now 2023?

Priscilla Presley's net worth is $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Following her divorce from Elvis, Presley opened a boutique in Los Angeles called Bis & Beau in 1973 with her friend and stylist Olivia Bis.

Who lives at Graceland now?

When Elvis and Priscilla divorced in 1973 she was given a one off payment of $720.000 ( worth over 5million today ) she was also given spousal support and child support. Along with 5% of Elvis's Royalties..she also got half of the sale of their Californian home… when she was with Robert Kardashian who was a top lawyer.